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pronouns: she/her
work experience: yes
net worth: too low
followers: yes, please

height: 175cm

weight: rude to ask, wow

TEYA competed in the

Eurovision 2023

in Liverpool,

representing Austria

with the duo


about: Biografie


TEYA moved to Vienna when she was six years old. When she was twelve, after performing in front of a crowd at a school assembly for the very first time, she made the decision to stop playing tennis professionally and pursue music instead. She felt too alone on the field and wanted to create and perform for and most importantly with people. 


She taught herself to sing by imitating idols like Adele and Amy Winehouse. In her four years of performing in musicals, and always being given the villain role because of her deep and raspy voice, she realized that pop was more her style. In addition to learning to dance and act on big stages, she gained experience performing with a jazz orchestra playing the saxophone.


At 16 she first stepped foot in a small studio helping out with a choir project. This turned into regular projects and eventually, at 17, she started writing songs.


She met and started working with her now-producer, manager and mentor Pele Loriano late 2018 in Zürich and since then she has made a name for herself as a songwriter, writing in different songwriting camps throughout Europe, most notably in Eurovision camps in Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden. With Loriano she already came close to her Eurovision dream once, resulting in 2nd place at Austria’s national selection in 2020.


She gained more stage experience performing and competing at the Beovizija 2020, Serbia’s national selection for the Eurovision, and Starmania 21, an Austrian singing competition.

September 2022 is when TEYA & SALENA wrote their Eurovision entry in the Czech Eurovision Camp, bringing her closer to her most important goal in life, which is to be able to live off of music and forever be in the industry surrounded by creative and like-minded people. 


In the years 2021 and 2022, TEYA put her focus on writing for other artists, the likes of Alexandra Stan and Chiara Castelli. She became a frequent attendee of songwritig camps like SUISA, the Czech Eurovision camp and Unified camps, to name a few. This resulted in her getting a publishing deal in Berlin, where she will move to after the Eurovision, writing for other established artists in the scene.

about: Biografie
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